Deals In All Types of Marriages(Punjabi,Baniya,NRI,Divorcee,Late Marriages)


Exotic Wedding Matrimonial is an effective organization of a highly committed and accomplished team of people promising an unparalleled matrimonial service in India. As the very name of the organization suggests,our Matrimonial is the first juncture of the union between the soul and its earthly presence. In the Indian tradition, it is believed that the true union of souls is ordained in the heaven before the presence of God.

Ever since our establishment in the year 2013, there is no looking back. We provide our matrimonial and personalized services in all the major metro cities of India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai n all over India n Abroad.

Our strong commitment to beliefs and values of the Indian tradition enables us to see marriage as a very crucial episode in the life. It provides us with the vigour to put all our efforts into making this union possible. Marriage as one of the noblest relationship between humans is also the marker of thousand years of human civilization. Our efforts are always in tandem with keeping this tradition and practice, running through centuries of civilization, intact with all its purity and grandeur.

A happy and long-lasting marriage bond is both our vision and mission. It is this end that both inspires and organizes our earnest efforts. We at Exotic Wedding Matrimonial help to establish that union of souls with their earthy presence through an unmatched matrimonial service.

OUR MISSION : We exist to lead the way in the fulfillment of the concerns of our customers for themselves and their future (including the future of their children and others in their family and community). Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Self-Expression of all involved in the process are a natural outcome of our being in the world.

OUR VISION : Our customers acknowledge and recognize us for being trustworthy, resourceful and competent. In their conversations with us and others they speak positively of our services and express their happiness and satisfaction. Our transparency and responsiveness are appreciated irrespective of the outcomes.

Parth Wadhwa

A journey of a passionate Human Resource Manager becoming a wonderful matchmaker is the story of Parth Wadhwa. His amiable nature and profound understanding of the institution of marriage makes his the innovator that he is in this field. His well-balanced judgements about the core traditional values and the contemporary thoughts is an added attribute that pushes his way ahead of the curve. A dynamic personality with great comprehension of multifaceted human emotions and values defines parth Wadhwa in the best way.

The Journey from an HR Manager to a Matchmaker Parth Wadhwa understands the nuances of this institution even better because of his 8 years' experience in the human resource industry. Through this experience, he has acquired a multi-layered perspective to comprehend people of all eternities inside out. However, his empathetic understanding of individuals is not all to it, his excellent managerial skills are also her forte.

His intelligent outlook towards every generation helped him to make several matches for the family, relatives and friends. In fact, he along with his sister Eshagulati, fixed around 40 to 50 marriages in just one year.These astonishing natural capabilities in matchmaking fascinated his towards this profession. And, looking at ExoticWedding, one can say that he was indeed crafted for this job.

Esha Gulati

Unrivalled managerial skills and the understanding of nuances of the corporate world makes Esha Gulati the best fit for managing Matchmaking. Not only that she has numerous contacts and resources but also an immense amount of experience and contacts. Her managerial knowledge of the profession and deeper understanding of the matrimonial industry is an asset to Exotic Wedding Matrimonial .The success of us is the result of visions and concepts.

From the Corporate to the Conjugal World

Esha has had the exposure and experience of around 8 years in the corporate industry. SHE can judge people, their class and business, background quite easily and quickly. This helps him immensely in carrying out a background check to give the best experience to the clients. Due to this, She has been able to fix several marriages for his friends, relatives family. In fact, she with her brother Parth Wadhwa has fixed 40 to 50 marriages in the span of a year. This gave her an idea to shape these matchmaking services.

Voyage wd Exotic Wedding Matrimonial

Sailing on the ship of a matrimonial company was not very difficult for Esha Gulati. Her experience was her assistant throughout this journey. The idea to set the foot in this door was born out of recommendations from friends and relatives and then their acquaintances. This small idea then emerged and shaped into ExoticWeddingMatrimonial. The united efforts of Esha Gulati, Parth Wadhwa and their expert team has today sailed Exotic Wedding Matrimonial and to a shore where they have left past several reputed matrimonial companies. Today, EMW provides services in every nook and corner of the world, spreading smiles in lives of several couples. This remarkable voyage by Esha Gulati is only the beginning for her, she believes in sprinkling this happiness potion in the lives of many more couples and families into a professional matrimonial service. Her expertise in managing sales and marketing of the company accelerated the idea to get a foot in the door. Her excellent PR skills make him a great communicator. SHe can make people share personal details easily to understand one’s expectations and requirements in a better way. SHe is well acquainted with the outlook, expectations and anxieties of both the new and old generation. Her remarkable journey from the corporate world to the conjugal world is tied with her know-how and knowledge of the former.